Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mel's Tribute

Linda With The Laughing Eyes

Linda with the laughing eyes!
Even as a baby!
Even as a toddler!
Even as we went hand in hand to the ice cream store!
Even as we walked in the park!
Even as we went to the zoo!
Even when she went to school!
Linda with the laughing eyes!
Even when she was sick, the eyes sparkled!
Even when she noticed boys, the eyes dazzled!
Even when she fell in love!
The eyes had it and everyone knew it!
When the son came, the eyes fairly exploded with delight!
Linda with the laughing eyes!
The eyes dimmed with unhappiness!
They soon found resilience!
Starting anew was hard, but the eyes had it again!
The eyes lite up bright with the training!
Especially when a new light came into her life!
Linda with the laughing eyes!
Marriage followed romance and the eyes danced!
The daughter came and the light in the eyes fairly exploded with joy!
Adventures abroad and service to county followed and the eyes had it. Still!
Return to home soil and new adventures began, the eyes showed it!
The grand babies began and the eyes gleamed as never before!
Fun, love and joys followed for many years!
There were few tears and nearly always the eyes shone bright!
Linda with the laughing eyes!
Through births, weddings and trips throughout the world, your eyes have shone the brightest!
"Luke" as you are known to oldest brother Mel.
We all know that you lighted our lives with that smile from beginning to end!
We will all remember it forever!
Linda with the laughing eyes!

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