Saturday, January 22, 2011

Linda's Message

The funeral home gave us (Sarah, Jamie, and I) a pamphlet of verses we might want to use on the handout at the service. They were mostly the standard, sappy, sort of things everyone has seen at funeral services before. None really felt right. It was like 'pick one from column A and two from column B' and really didn't sound like Linda. I looked at Linda's blog, the one she'd started to track her journey through her cancer treatment and found this, which is what we used:

"What have I learned over these months? Don't sweat the small stuff, get over your tiny life crisis and just live. Enjoy the people you love, avoid those that cause you grief. Life is truly too short and there is no reason to hamper yourself with those people who do not have your best interest in their hearts. Laugh as often and as long as you can, it is really good medicine. Hang with your grandkids, your kids and listen to them. Soak in their personalities and savor each moment with them. Love your husband or your significant other with all the gusto you can muster. Remember that those you love also love you and this disease is just as hard on them as it is on you. I try to remember that the people I love will have grief long after I have been relieved of life's burdens. I must be kinder to them. I must give them the best memories I can possibly make for them. And I have also learned that all those I worry about are much stronger than I assumed and that I don't have to hide my illness, my pain and my bad days from them. They can handle it. I have learned that I am incredibly lucky to have such wonderful amazing people in my life. My friends are truly blessings. My family, well they are why I am still here and I promise to stay as long as possible. Love YOU ALL."

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