Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hannah's Tribute

My name is Hannah.

I know I’m going to miss my grandmother. We are going to fill our hearts up with memories and pictures to make us feel better knowing that she is still there for us.  We may not be able to see her, but she is still in our hearts.

She fought through cancer to be with us as long as she could which was very inspiring.  She took Connor, Emma, and me to Disneyland to give us good memories.  

Every time my sister and I spent the night, we would go up in her bed and have a talk.   We called them our Hannah-Nana-Emma talks.   We learned so much about each other…it was a golden ticket to our hearts.   

Some more memories are her flying down to San Bernadino for my brother’s baseball game, making bread with her when I was a little girl, and our holidays together.    

I will always remember that smile on her face whenever she saw me.   

She was a wonderful person to us all.

Thank you….in honor of my Nana…Go Pack GO!

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